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The second son

28 June 1988
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28 days later, acting, alexander, anakin, anakin skywalker, aqualad, attack of the clones, batman, beast boy, bludhaven, books, bowling, bruce wayne, build a bear, cameras, catwoman, chewbacca, chewie, clark kent, coffee, computers, conner, cosplaying, costuming, csi: miami, cyborg, darth vader, dc comics, dean winchester, designing costumes, dick grayson, disneyland, dogs, donna troy, drawing, dvds, elija wood, evanescence, garfield logan, garth, german shepards, gotham, gotham city, han, han solo, harleen quinzel, harley quinn, hate twilight, hayden christensen, horses, icons, james potter, jason todd, jerico, joker, josh groban, kid flash, kon-el, koriand'r, labradors, legolas, leia, leia skywalker, life as a house, life on mars, lily evans, live journal, lotr, luke, luke skywalker, moony, moulin rouge, movies, music, music videos, naruto, natalie portman, nickelback, nightwing, no doubt, obi-wan kenobi, orlando bloom, orochimaru, padfoot, padme, padme amidala, painting, peter pettigrew, photography, photos, photoshop, pictures, pirates of the caribbean, poison ivy, potc, prince, prongs, puppies, pups, raven, remus lupin, revenge of the sith, rob zombie, robin, roleplaying, roy harper, sam winchester, schools, sci-fi, shawn of the dead, sirius black, speedy, spike tv, staind, star wars, star wars costumes, star wars galaxies, starfire, super boy, superman, supernatural, tea, teaching, the empire strikes back, the offspring, tim drake, toys r us, transformers, troy, vader, wonder girl, wonder woman, wormtail