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Horror challenge!

TOTAL: 163/100

Bold = I haven't seen before.
Plain = Seen before.

Day 1: Possession/Satanic/Demonic/
1. Tamara - Kinda funny. The chick was hot. And having her mind fuck those two guys into fucking was hilarious.
2. The Last Exorcism - Those last 5 minutes... They're pretty fucking stupid.
3. Devil - This movie sucked in theaters... and it sucked at home.
4. Anneliese: The Exorcist Tapes - It's kinda like a documentary almost? About a girl who was possessed and the drs and priests are fighting over what to do with her.
5. The Exorcist - Love this movie. I love how it starts, and I love how much of an amazing actress Linda Blair is. I loved her in Supernatural too! Great guest star.
6. Exorcismus -
7. The Exorcism of Emily Rose -

Day 2: Killer Grannies Witches
8. The Witches - Anjelica Huston is UGLY under that mask!
9. Little Witches - Sexy bitches control the weather and like to get naked!
10. The Craft - Sexy bitches control the weather.
11. Practical Magic - I wanted to consider it a chick flick almost but... *shrugs* Apparently it counts. It's got murder, witchcraft, possession, ghosts... It counts... right? lol
12. the Wicker Man - Human sacrifice to a Pagan God in Scotland. Too bad that Celts didn't do human sacrifice. But it's cool... I'll go with it.

Day 3: Hammer it up
13. Texas Chain Saw Massacre - Epic movie. You need to watch it.
14. Texas Chain Saw Massacre 2 - HILARIOUS! Freaking hilarious! From the dude with the plate in his head to the 130 year old grandpa.
15. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3: Leatherface - Aragorn & Leatherface. Awesome.
16. Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation:
17. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003):
18. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning:
19. Toolbox Murders:

Day 4: Mind Fuck
20. The Serpent and the Rainbow:
21. Crash:
22. Mum and Dad:
23. Jacob's Ladder:
24. High Tension:

Day 5: Zombie Apocalypse
25. Night of the Living Dead:
26. Dawn of the Dead:
27. Night of the Living Dead (1990):
28. Day of the Dead:
29. Planet Terror:
30. 28 Days Later:
31. 28 Weeks Later:

Day 6: Stephen King Who?
32. The Shining:
33. Christine:
34. Pet Sematary (1989):
35. Scanners:
36. Halloween (2007):

Day 7 Slash It Up!
37. Halloween 2:
38. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch:
39. Halloween 4:
40. Halloween 5:
41. Wild Card: Supernatural Season 7 Ep 3: The Girl Next Door:
42. Murder Party:
43. Halloween 6:
44. Halloween 7:

Day 8: Eats Cullens for Breakfast
45. Fright Night (1985)
46. Interview with the Vampire
47. Queen of the Damned:
48. The Lost Boys:
49. Dracula 2000:
50. Thirst

Day 9: Universal Classics:
51. Mad Monster Party:
52. Creature from the Black Lagoon:
53. Abbott and Costello Meet Frakenstein:Day 10:
54. The Wolf Man:
55. Frakenstein:
56. Monster Squad:

Day 10: Laugh Until You Drop Dead
57. Young Frankenstein:
58. Bubba Ho-tep:
59. Zombieland:
60. Buffy The Vampire Slayer:
61. Severance:
62. Shawn of the Dead:
63.The Haunting of the Winchester House: I started the salt and burn day a bit early.
64. Cannibal The Musical

Day 11: Salt and Burn the Bastards
65. The Amityville Horror (1979): Good but... Not scary enough.
66. The Amityville Horror (2005): Liked this one a lot more that the original.
67. Pulse: Attack of the killer... haunted electrical system?
68. Wild Card: Supernatural: Playthings: Killer Ghosties. *nods* How could I not watch SPN on this day? Come on... it's called "Salt and Burn the Bastards" Come on... It's screams Supernatural
69. The Frighteners: Cute.
70. Halloween: Resurrection: You know what... it was better than Halloween 3, that was for damn sure.
71. Haunted Forest:
72. Insidious: Apparently Darth Maul has nothing better to do but grow a tail and some cloven hooves and try to take over little boy's bodies... Huh... music was good. Astral Projection got brought into it and I was a little concerned about that... Looks like in the movie that when you astral project, ghosts, spirits and demons are attracted to your body because your soul has left. huh... Interesting. The ending was alright. Kinda saw it coming though. And I'm not gonna be able to listen to "Tiptoe Through the Tulips" again...

Day 12: Is That A Giant Cockroach In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?: Now it's called Return of the Living Remakes:

73. My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009):
74. Friday the 13th (2009):
75. The Fly: I miss that movie. It is by far, better than the original. And sooooooo fucking creepy. Don't watch the second one though, cause that'll just make you sad.
76. Nightmare on Elm St (2010):
77. Last House on the Left: The new one.... Huh.... Well... that was different. I miss the swimming pool. And I miss both of them dying. That was the whole point... She died and then they went crazy and killed them.
78. Fangs: Decided to go back to the creepy crawlie theme. Just to see what it's about.

Day 13: Once, Twice, Three Times The Lacerations (Anthologies/Up To 3 Sequels): Now called Everybody Hates a Clown: Might still watch some Anthologies though.

79. The Funhouse: It was alright... for a 70/80s slasher flick about a deformed man who likes to pay gypsy women to have sex with him and then kill people afterwards.
80. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The only movie I actually looked away from cause those clowns are fucking scary lookin...
81. Carnival of Souls: Bull... shit.... That movie was utterly stupid.
82. The Signal:
83. Gremlins:
84. Gremlins 2:
85. Stepford Wives:

Day 14: There's Always An Elm Street:
86. A Nightmare on Elm St.: Good as always!
87. A Nightmare on Elm St. 2: Freddie's Revenge: How could they NOT know they're making a gay film?!?!
88. A Nightmare on Elm St.: Dream Warriors: Pretty cool. Glad they brought back Nancy.
89. A Nightmare on Elm St.: The Dream Master: ................ Just one big giant cluster fuck of what the hell...
90. A Nightmare on Elm St.: The Dream Child: ........................ I didn't like the kid.....
91. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare: ........................................................................ I just wasted a lot of my time watching that POS.
92. Wes Craven's New Nightmare: Awesome. Seriously awesome. Very Meta.
93. Freddy vs. Jason: I love this crap... so fucking much. Best ending ever. You're like "oh shit, he's dead!" And then he's not.

Day 15: Howling At The Moon:
94. Ginger Snaps: Two SPN actors being sisters? Awesome.
95. Ginger Snaps Back: Unleashed: More SPN actors?? WHAT? Epic!
96. Ginger Snaps: The Beginning: Even MORE SPN actors!? Yes. Always loved these films!!
97. An American Werewolf in London: Best transformation scene ever!!!
98. In the Company of Wolves: Always love this movie. And I know I'm a bad person for saying this but... That girl is HOT!
99. The Howling: Kinda fun actually. Not too bad.

Day 16: The Asian Buffet :
100. Pulse:
101. Box & Cut:: Why are Japanese movies so artsy?
102. Battle Royal:
103. Audition:

Day 17: That's So 80's!:
104. The House By the Cemetery:
105. Sleepaway Camp:
106. Dead and Buried:
107. The New York Ripper:
108. Near Dark:

Day 18: Dolls Creep Me The Fuck Out:
109. Child's Play:
110. Child's Play 2:
111. Child's Play 3:
112. Bride of Chucky:
113. Seed of Chucky:
114. House of Wax:

Day 19: Jethro's Gonna Fuck You Up:
115. House of 1000 Corpses:
116. The Devil's Rejects:
117. Wolf Creek:
118. Vacancy:
119. The Strangers:

Day 20: Big Budget and Blowing Shit Up:
120. House on the Edge of the Park:
121. Fright Night (2011):

Day 21: Scary, eh? (Canadian films): [I'm gonna take this day and make something up. Don't know too many scary Canadian films]
122. Paranormal Activity 3: Holy shit... Holy shit.... Holy shit...
123. Blood Sucking Freaks:
124. Paranormal Activity 2:
125. Paranormal Activity:
126. WildCard: Supernatural: Shut up, Dr. Phil

Day 22: Jason's Not Done With You Yet :
127. Friday the 13th:
12/. Friday the 13th Part II:
129. Friday the 13th Part III:
130. Friday the 13th Part IV:

Day 23: Everyone Loves A Freak:
131. Friday the 13th Part VII:
132. Friday the 13th Part VIII:

Day 24: Revenge Is Best Served With Gore:
133. Friday the 13th Part IX:
134. Friday the 13th Part X: Jason X:</b>
135. I Spit On Your Grave aka Day of the Woman:

Day 25: Nevermore Frightening :
136. Lo:
137. Mask Maker: Meet Your Maker:
138. Cry Wolf:

Day 26: Those Dumb Blondes (Teen Screams):
139. Bread Crumbs: Not what I expected.... but still kinda funny. Porn stars get killed by children.
140. Scream:
141. Scream 3:
142. Aaah! Zombies!:
143. Cut: An Australian serial killer Tulpa. Good job guys... *rolls eyes*
144. The Seance:
145. The Human Centipede: ......................Wow........ That was kind of a waste of time. Not as bad as everybody said it was. Either that or I'm just a retard.
146. Bane:
147. Are you Scared: No... not really. But it was cool. Kinda like the SAW movies but... this dude his a lot less sick and a lot more stupid than the SAW dude.

Day 27: Creepy Kids Doing Creepy Shit:
148. Grace: Yay Ellen. But Boo her haircut at the end of the movie. Apparently this baby needs blood to survive and will do anything to make sure that her baby gets what it needs. Creepy right?
149. Beware! Children at Play: Never gonna look at Beowulf the same again... Cause.... Damn.
150. The Others: I love this movie. And I have to say that I didn't see the ending coming. I just thought it was really cool.
151. Case 39: Well.... That was a bit weird.

Day 28: I Hear Spain Is Nice (Spanish films):
152. The Orphans:
153. Pan's Labyrinth:
154. The Devil's Backbone:
155. Wild Card: Supernatural: Slash Fiction:

Day 29: Reading Is Fundamental (Movies based on books not by Stephen King):
156. The Masque of the Red Death: I didn't think Prince Prospero was a Satanist.... But apparently he is now? "I'm going to save your soul, so you can join me in the glory of Hell." Seriously? Okay then.... And his wife just branded herself with an upside down cross and asked to be a demon so she could know she would be his wife. Why do I not remember that being a part of the story?!?!
157. Something Wicked This Way Comes:
158. The Crazies: I know this isn't based on any book but... It looks interesting.

Day 30: Mass Marathon of the Damned (Keep the caffeine flowing and watch whatever):
159. Forget Me Not:

Day 31: Give Me Candy You Bastards (Halloween related):
160. 100 Feet: Not Halloween related but it looks cool.
161. The Nightmare Before Christmas:
162. Hocus Pocus:
163. Trick'r Treat: Best Halloween Movie EVER!!


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Oct. 3rd, 2011 06:51 am (UTC)
I heard Anneliese is the chick Emily Rose is based after, but that movie (Anneliese) was soooo bad, I couldn't even sit through it. And that means its HORRIBLE for me not to finish it lol

Oct. 3rd, 2011 08:06 pm (UTC)
Anneliese was soooooooooo horrible. I tried to start it once before a few months ago and just couldn't get through it. It was sooo horrible. I had to get through it though. I know I'm gonna sit through some bad ones this year.

And Little Witches?! HILARIOUS! I died laughing. The acting was terrible! But still awesome!
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